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'Learning and Laughter' in Maths Lessons


Our students throughout Wisbech School have had a really great start to 2022! In our maths lessons we have been learning lots of new topics, from percentages and fractions, graphs and coordinates and even interior and exterior angles.


Students Work Book Answers


Our year 8's have been learning all about angles, and ways to work out there value. They have also been looking at how to find the interior angles of a shape. Students have all been working extremely hard and have picked it up really well.


The topic for our Year 9 students has been graphs. Students have been learning where to place lines on a graph with a given equations and drawing tables with selected values, to be able to then plot the coordinates on their graphs.


White Board Workings Out 


Our year 10 group has been having fun learning about percentages and fractions, starting by putting items on sale and working as a group to find the new price. Students had lots of fun and laughed about their chosen items. They really understood the topic and were great throughout.


Year 11's have been recapping learning about percentages and applying this knowledge to exam questions. They have found this helpful and are beginning to feel more confident when answering exam questions independently. As well as percentages, they also learnt how to solve simultaneous equations.


The pupils were fantastic and especially enjoyed the picture questions on the whiteboard. Again, we applied this to exam style questions and pupils felt confident with the methods they had learnt.


Well done to all of our students for their dedication to learning!