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Mental Health, Friendships and Relationships


KS3 and KS4 pupils have been studying various PSHE/RSE topics throughout this academic year. These lessons have revolved around mental health, friendships and relationships both positive and negative, peer pressure and the long lasting effects of bullying.


PSHE Radiate Positivity

The ability for our pupils to empathise with others, self-assess their own work and acknowledge the rights and wrongs in public is outstanding. The skills learned during the PSHE lessons are becoming very useful when in other lessons, representing the school and themselves in public or simply socialising with people in new situations.


Our Therapeutic Assistant, Reuben, has been helping out during PSHE lessons, as you can see below!


PSHE Lessons Female Student With Therapy Assistant Reuben


One of our lovely Teaching Assistants Grace, was demonstrating the use of our empathy glasses. Pupils learnt how to view other people’s point of views by using this cut out tool.


PSHE Lessons TA Grace


We would like to congratulate all students that have taken part in these sessions for their fantastic maturity during group discussions and when sharing their own experiences.