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Exploring the Blacksmith World


One of our wonderful young people is fascinated by the world of Blacksmithing. As part of his preparation for adulthood, Cambian Northampton School arranged for him to spend a day at the Copper Elf Forge in Kettering, Northampton.


Student Exploring The Blacksmith World Exploring The Blacksmith World Student With Welded Piece


So far he has made a coat hook, fire poker, a bottle opener and flat head nails. He said that it is hard work and a lot of hammering, but he likes transforming metals into products. 


Exploring The Blacksmith World Student With Fire Poker Exploring The Blacksmith World Students Coat Hook


He is hoping to join the Fabrication and welding course at Northampton College in 2023, if he does not find an apprenticeship. We are really excited to see him progress what wonderful products he makes next!