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'Perfectly Purple'


Today we got the whole of Hartlepool School to participate in Purple Tuesday. The children really became aware of all the disabilities there are and which ones we have present in the school. All the children got to explore disabilities with lots of different activities throughout the day to make it fun and easy to learn.


They also learned that a lot of famous people and celebrities have disabilities that affect them daily but it does not stop them from reaching for the stars and achieving their dreams!


Throughout this article you will see how our children have joined in with crosswords, words scramble, finding famous and disabled people, art work, baking and much more!


Exercises On Table


We also got creative making purple pictures in Art and design using Jackson Pollock as our inspiration. Jackson is famous for helping to create a whole new art movement called Abstract Expressionism. An "abstract" image is one where the subject is not represented realistically.


Our children used different techniques to get their desired outcome which involved splashing paint from brushes and making a good mess which we all think is pretty cool especially with how they have turned out. The universe is our oyster no matter what disability we have!


Students Drawing


In Food Technology, our students carried out their own research on purple foods and decided to make purple shortbread cookies and coleslaw. As you can see, our children enjoyed making lots of different shades of purple icing - we tried to find purple carrots to go into the coleslaw.


They then shared their cookies around the school explaining to teachers that they had baked them for a good cause to make awareness of people with disabilities. The cookies and coleslaw also made its way home with them to give out to parents/carers to spread even more awareness! 


Cookies And Shortbread Made By Students