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Pick up a Pumpkin!


As a reward for achieving their weekly targets, our students were taken out for a fun day of pumpkin picking, ready for Halloween!


They very much enjoyed walking through the farm, looking for their perfect pumpkin, filling their wheel barrows (sometimes with some friends instead of pumpkins!) and everything else the pumpkin patch had to offer.


The day was topped off with an ice cream which had been made on the farm – though it was a difficult decision to make with over 20 amazing flavours to choose from!


Once back at school, the selected pumpkins were carved into spooky, ‘Halloween Monsters’ and the children chose whether to keep these to decorate the classrooms and school grounds or take them home with them. 


What a lovely ending to the term and a great way to celebrate Halloween in style.



Student With His Chosen Pumpkins


Student On Large Spider


Students Having Fun Pumpkin Picking


Carved Pumpkin


Pumpkin Lit Up