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Potterspury placed third at the Rivertime Regatta


Twelve pupils visited this year's Rivertime Regatta, held at Bisham Abbey and helped Potterspury Lodge place a credible third in the main event, the twelve man bell-boat race.


Fifteen schools from across Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire met at the home of British sport and were able to take part in a range of water and land based activities. This year, pupils enjoyed the laser rifle range, bike riding, canoeing, drumming and ukulele playing. Firstly we hit the water and pupils paired up in canoes and kayaks; we managed to keep all but two pupils dry. Following the first venture onto the water, all pupils took their turn on the rifle range with sixth former, IM, scored the highest score on the day (for all competitors) with a very credible ninety four out of a possible hundred.


Then it was race time. Following a short practice, pupils completed the timed race in just twenty-nine seconds; at the time, this saw us in first place. Unfortunately for us, two Oxford based teams were able to better the score by a couple of seconds.


After a second round on the Thames, pupils were pleased to be back on dry land and spend time with the Marlow Ukulele Band, primary pupil BR joined in and showed how at home he was on the ukulele by joining in a range of songs. Other pupils took advantage of some Team GB rowing coaches and had a go on the rowing machines, it was AM and JH who excelled here.


After an action packed day pupils and staff were a lot quieter on the bus trip home. Well done to all those who got involved and represented the school on the day!