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Prison Me, No Way! for Cambian Beverley School

Prison Me, No Way! for Cambian Beverley School image

Our young people at Cambian Beverley School were recently treated to a Prison Me! No way! acitivty programme, which is a charity raising awareness amongsst young people about crimes and the consequences of choices made!


The students learned about the Fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of the law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance, by taking part in a thought-provoking ‘Prison me no way!’ experience day.


During the day, the young people were given the opportunity to experience an authentic prison cell and learn about the realities of life inside a prison, by an officer with over 30 years’ experience of working in prisons.


Pupils found the most engaging part of the day to be the session delivered by a reformed ex-offender; who shared information about his background, brief details of his crimes, along with victim empathy and the impact his actions have had upon both his and his family’s lives and his future.


This gave our young people a genuine insight into the impact and consequences of crime and encouraged them to deal with any challenges they face by rejecting crime, pursuing a law abiding life and positively contributing to society and so protect their liberty.


The final message which he imparted to pupils was that the 3 most valuable things in life were their teachers, a pen and paper, as a good education is the best way to avoid becoming embroiled in a life of crime.


Cambian Beverley School had a great time at the workshop and we think it is wonderful and so inspiring that motivational programmes are available locally.