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Purbeck View School get arty


Purbeck View is one of our specialist autism schools based in Dorset.  It is a 38 and 52 week mixed-gender residential school for students aged 7 – 19.


Back in August, the school hosted it’s very own art exhibition after purchasing a range of seascapes and beachside pictures, which they showcased on the school premises.  


Our young people were invited to come and look at the beautiful pictures and choose the ones they would like to see in their homes. The pictures were displayed as they would be at an art gallery with the name and order form adjacent.  The exhibit is all part of the independence drive at Purbeck View to empower our young people to choose what they want around them and to make their homes more relaxing and cheerful.


The event was very popular, with some very clear decisions have being made about just what students wanted on their walls!


Everybody had a great time and is looking forward to the next school display!