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Owen Heads To The Recording Studio

Putting Down Some Vocals In The Studio! image

Whilst at Home Tree School Owen developed a keen interest in music, particularly showing a strong passion for music production.


In his music lessons Owen learnt the skills to use digital audio software and began composing music of his own using sampling and sequencing techniques. In his free time outside of education Owen began writing lyrics and arranged his composition to facilitate the stylistic elements of grime music.


Due to his high levels of engagement Owen was given the opportunity to attend a recording session at Grange Farm studio to help further his understanding of music technology. Owen used his own composition and with Isi Clarke’s (producer) professional background, they added additional textures in the piece, re-recorded Owen’s vocals and mastered the track for exportation.


Throughout the session Owen was smiling and showed high levels of engagement and attainment, asking questions and wanting to help Isi where possible. Most noticeably, Owen exuded confidence in himself and his ability to produce and work as a musician.