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Scarborough School Celebrate Chinese New Year!


On Wednesday 2nd February, Scarborough School students took part in a range of activities to celebrate and learn more about the Chinese New Year.


Students learnt that if your age is a multiple of 12 this year, you fall under the Tiger sign, known to be King of all beasts in China.


People born in the Year of the Tiger are brave, competitive, unpredictable, confident, charming and well liked but they sometimes possess a stubborn personality too.


Chinese Tiger



Students also enjoyed some Chinese cuisine consisting of a Chicken Stir Fry with Spring Rolls, Chicken Wontons and Sesame toast. This was cooked in a Wok in the dining room so that students could get a true feel of this cultural dish. There was nothing left by the end of it!


Students also had fun taking part in a competition to see who could eat a bowl of noodles using chopsticks in the fastest time. This did get a little messy !!   


Collage 2


Collage 3