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School Council Meeting 11032022


Today our two School Councillors led another successful School Council meeting.


During this meeting we reviewed the suggestions made in our last meeting and looked at what actions had been taken since then:

  • Students asked for a Nintendo Switch Games Console to play on at lunchtimes, and this has been purchased and is being enjoyed by our young people.
  • A student asked for a designated library area in the school, which is now in place.
  • Students asked for some outside play equipment, and three pieces of gym equipment have been installed.
  • Students also asked for more Sports equipment, and footballs and soft indoor balls have been purchased.


Suggestions for today’s meeting included:

  • Having a Suggestion box available for students’ ideas on how to further improve the school.
  • Setting up Lunchtime clubs for History, Reading, First Aid, Art and Science.
  • The Breakfast Club to take part in the Dining room rather than in the classrooms.


Well done to our school councillors for taking the lead with today's meeting and to all of the students that put forward a suggestion.