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Southlands High Aspirations to Bring Joy this Christmas


Children With Christmas Boxes


To raise money for Orphans in Romania and Belarus, the students at Southlands School have come up with the idea of virtually climbing Mount Everest - that being a staggering 3,871 flights of stairs!


The money raised, will be used to fill shoeboxes with goodies for the children which will be sent in time for Christmas.


Christmas will be difficult for many people this year and at the current time, charities are struggling to get donations which they use to support the less fortunate.


Everyone can take part in this challenge, including staff and students, whether they donate or request donations from family and friends for their part of the charity event.


The average cost to fill up a shoebox for one child is £10, Southlands students are aiming to support the charity with a total of 10 boxes, so that 10 orphaned children have a gift to open this christmas.


If you would like to help support Southlands in sending Christmas boxes to orphaned children in Romania and Belarus, please send your donations to Southlands School:


Vicars Hill,

Southlands school


SO41 5QB


Labelled - 'Christmas Boxes Donation – Jemma Godel'.


Be sure to get your donations in by 12.11.2021 as the Students will be going out to buy the items for the boxes on this date.


This is how we tackled this achievement day by day:

on the 2nd November, 695 flights of stairs were completed.

Within the space of 4 days, we had made it to an incredible 1871 flights of stairs. Feeling nearer to our goal, made it look possible to complete!

By 8th November one young person alone had completed 1404 flights of stairs.

On the 9th of November Jemma and this young person decided that they could complete the challenge and tackled the last 662 flights of stairs, miscounting and actually doing a few extra!!