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Spreading the Sunshine


As part of Care Home Open Week, yesterday we handed out sunflowers and cupcakes to the local walkers that use the river walk.


CHOW Young Person With Cakes For Community CHOW Young Person Handing Out Cake And Sunflowers To Member Of The Community


Our cupcakes were freshly baked and sunflowers newly grown. Jack and Megan helped to make the cupcakes which were chocolate and lemon flavoured and they were absolutley delicious. Our sunflowers were planted by Jack 4 weeks ago, to ensure they where ready for handing out yesterday and they looked great.


CHOW Young Person Handing Out Cakes CHOW Young Person Smiling With Member Of The Community


We received some lovely comments from our neighbours and the local walkers, which we would love to share with you:


“what a lovely idea, I never knew this is a care home“


“Thank you so much this is lovely“


“you all do an amazing jobs and always friendly”


“thank you I’ll send you photos my sunflower when it grows“


“your garden looks amazing“


We would like to thank Jack and Megan for their hard work and our neighbours and the passers by that stopped to say hello!