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Super 60 at Scarborough


As part of World Autism Acceptance Week and 2022 being the National Autistic Society’s 60th Anniversary, our students have taken part in a variety of Super 60 Challenges.


Monday was ‘Make it Monday’ and some students took part in creating sixty different pictures as well as making a collage of the number 60. 

                                   Scarborough Collage



Tuesday was ‘Tasty Tuesday’ and some students baked sixty buns with six different coloured toppings.  They also made six flavoured smoothies using a variety of different fruits. All the students certainly enjoyed eating and tasting what they had made!  

                                                   Scarborough Baking 2

                                               Scarborough Baking 1  


Wednesday was ‘Workout Wednesday’ and some students took part in a variety of super 60 workout challenges including Cycling, Step-ups, maintaining the Plank and Star jumps.

                Scarborough Workout


Our students thoroughly enjoyed completing these challenges and raising awareness for Autism Acceptance Week.