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Students produce accessible resources for local venue


The Forum School's Collaboration with The Fiddleford Inn


Students in our Kestrel class have produced resources that will enable both their peers and individuals in the community with additional needs to easily access the menu and other amenities offered at a nearby venue, The Fiddleford Inn.


The Initiative:

  • Two students, Scott and Reece, took the lead in this initiative with the goal of enhancing inclusivity and accessibility within the community.
  • Scott and Reece worked hard to come up with different ideas about the items they wanted to make.
  • Through the process of creating their agreed upon resources, Scott and Reece developed their IT skills through computer use and CiP (Communication in Print).
  • They then approached The Fiddleford Inn, who enthusiastically agreed to implement the resources designed and produced by Scott and Reece.


Resource Development:

Scot and Reece designed and produced the following resources:

Adapted versions of the menu (x2)

Choosing boards (x2)

Phrase boards (x2)

Keyring symbols for pub staff (x2)

Generic symbols


Scott and Reece presented the resources to The Fiddleford Inn's staff, who were amazed by the students' work.


Through this project, Scott and Reece have not only provided support to their peers but have also initiated practical measures to promote greater inclusivity and accessibility in the broader community.

By forming connections with a local business and advocating for change, they are actively contributing to the creation of a society where individuals of all abilities can fully participate and enjoy the richness of community life.


Parent’s Quote:

"What a great project and a fantastic idea! Hopefully more places will introduce initiatives like this."