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The Importance Of Teamwork


This half-term our young people have been thinking about importance of team work. We started by discussing what makes a person a good team member and what attributes a good team would actually need.


Students At Forest School Doing Teamwork Activities


Students came up with some great ideas such as being focused, hard-working, adaptable, having trust and being honest– to name a few. We then talked about the fact that people are individuals and have different ideas and opinions and we realised that sometimes we needed to disagree!


As a group we discussed ways that we could disagree without causing arguments or further friction. This week we talked about the meaning of compromise and collaboration, and why they were so important in order for a team to function properly.


Students were given the opportunity to put this into practice at Forest School where numerous activities were carried out, all of them to do with good team work. We also collaborated during a science lesson in order to carry out an experiment in our topic about materials and the boys worked really well together.


Students Working Together To Complete Science Experiment As A Team