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The London trip went 'Grateley'


 Grateley Goes To London


During activities week a group of Grateley students made their way to the big city, spending the day in London. The Journey started by travelling on the train to Waterloo station and then taking the London underground to reach the National History Museum. After some lunch on the lawn, the students began their tour of the Museum, learning about many things, from Volcanoes to Diamonds and Dinosaurs to Centipedes.


Grateley Goes To London2

Grateley Goes To London3


After exploring all the museum had to offer, it was time for a refreshment break at the Gelato parlour. With ice-cream filled tummies everyone made their way to the Houses of Parliament, where they came across groups protesting. Two of the students used their journalism skills to document and find out more about one of the protests. The group were nurses protesting against the 1% pay rise. They spoke patiently about how they didn’t feel that the pay rise was enough based on the past eighteen months and it left the students and staff thinking about the sacrifices NHS Staff had made throughout Covid-19. 


Grateley Goes To London4

Grateley Goes To London5


After a walk over London Bridge the students arrived at the Thames. The group took a moment to admire the Covid-19 memorial and consider the impact of the pandemic. Then whilst heading along the Thames, music was enjoyed from a performing musician, some of the students and staff even joined in the sing along. 


Grateley Goes To London6


Everyone then headed back to Waterloo for a McDonalds dinner before catching the rather warm train back, before being greeted at the station by some beautifully air-conditioned cars driven by the care team.