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The Oily Cart team return to Hill House School

The Oily Cart team return to Hill House School image

`Welcome to the world of Kubla Khan, a multi-sensory pleasure dome that you can touch, taste and smell. From the sounds of a sitar to the feel of a flowing river, experience the temperatures and textures of Coleridge’s acclaimed poem as the aroma of incense drifts by...`


The Oily Cart production team returned to Hill House School in October and prepared a wonderful treat for all our young people. The team transformed the school hall into a multi-sensory space, bringing with them a wooden flowing river, incense scented smoke machines and an array of brightly coloured costumes and musical instruments.


Our young people were enticed in the direction of the school hall and were extremely excited by the new sounds and smells.  A member of the team introduced themselves to each student and got to know them by finding out what they enjoyed and what they were good at.  Each young person was then invited to come and sit by the river on their own special chair and the experience officially began!


With the array of sounds including the melodious rhythms of the sitar and the scents of the Middle East, our young people explored a variety of different objects including water, sand and bubbles as they were taken on a very special journey to a faraway land.  


Everybody was truly mesmerised by the experience taking in the music, singing, costumes and sensory experiences.  


At the end of the performance, each student received an award from the Oily Cart emperor.  Also, a special acknowledgement was made and a song was performed and tailored to each student’s individual achievements!


There was not a dry eye in the house and the Oily Cart team provided a truly magical experience for all the staff and students!


How fun for everyone at Hill House School!