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'Walk for Red Nose Day'


On Friday 18th March, students and staff took part in a Walk for Red Nose Day. Everyone was able to bring in £1.50 to buy a red nose and two different walks were organised so that students could choose which one they preferred.


Red Nose Day Students And Staff At The Coast Weraing Red Noses


 One of the walks was a 10k walk in and around Whitby. The weather was beautiful and the students and staff followed a lovely coastal path where they saw, amongst other things, remnants of a shipwreck. They then walked through the countryside, which led them into the town of Whitby. 


Red Nose Day Student Looking At Boats In The Harbour 


After this, everyone walked up the one hundred and ninety nine steps leading to Whitby Abbey. The walk was very enjoyable and good practice for students who are considering taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh qualification.


Red Nose Day Student And Staff Wearing Red Nose


The second walk consisted of an 8k Treasure Trail where students had to solve clues along the way. This was centred on Scarborough’s Harbour and Scarborough Castle. It was extremely interesting and great fun to try to work out the clues.


Red Nose Day Student And Staff Walking


Once again, the weather was an asset and it reinforced how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful place.