Our Specialisms

Residential and day schools, colleges and provisions can never replace home, but we make every effort to create a welcoming family environment. Our students and residents have bright optimistic spaces that they can call their own, with the freedom to create the kind of environment they feel good about.


Our residential schools provide 60-80m2 of floor space per resident, which is the equivalent to a regular two bedroom flat. Well-proportioned rooms, fabrics and furnishings that please the senses, calming gardens and outside spaces: all these are part of the Cambian Education way. Each school and college is designed to reflect the student profile.


In addition, a combination of the right environment and specialist education services at a high level allows us to focus on many different area of improving the person's quality of life.


For more information, see our list of schools here and colleges here.


Dilston College

Dilston College, Northumberland


Hill House School

Hill House School, Hampshire 


For more information, email us here, or call 0161 507 3723 to discuss a referral in confidence.


Parent Testimonial Image

"Our son is mostly calm and happy now. You can see by the way he interacts with all his carers and staff that this is his home."


Foster Parent Suitability Questionnaire

Some basics to become a foster parent

Here are a few questions to help you discover whether fostering is right for you and what we need from our foster parents.

1. I have a spare bedroom for a foster child

2. I will be available to care for a child full time

3. I am over 25 years old

4. I have a stable, positive home to offer a child

5. I am a patient, resilient and understanding person

Foster Parent Suitability Questionnaire

Becoming a professional foster parent

We regard fostering as a profession. Therefore we'll treat you as a professional - we'll provide great pay, support and training. In return we expect our foster parents to provide a high standard of care for our children. 

I want a professional career in fostering and am happy to undertake ongoing training

Foster Parent Suitability Questionnaire

The challenges of fostering

Fostering is life changing and rewarding work. It can also be challenging at times but our foster parents tell stories of the great satisfaction they gain with our expert support. 

I understand that some children in fostering may have challenging behaviour due to the experiences they may have had

Foster Parent Suitability Questionnaire

Working as part of a team

As a foster parent we require you to work as part of the By the Bridge team but also with social workers, teachers and health workers to help support the child.

I am able to talk and listen to young people, aswell as working part of a team to help support them