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Cambian's specialist mental health services for young people have been carefully developed to offer more choice and flexibility, ranging from residential care to acute services such as CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services) Tier-4.


We address the mental health needs of young people, helping with their transition back to independence. This is done through the promotion of independent living skills, community activities and choice.


Each specialist service has a team of care workers on hand that offer support, devise individual placement plans, minimise any risks and help residents acheive their personal best. Direct access to clinical support is provided through our multi-disciplinary team.


Community involvement is an important part of our specialist residential services, promoting independence. As such, each home has established links within their communities in order to provide as seamless a transition to independent living as possible. Such community links include local schools and colleges (to ensure each young person's learning is maintained), shopping centres, super markets, leisure centres and job centres.


Our aim is to support young people through an in-depth and integrated approach to health, care and education, in a nurturing yet safe environment, and to achieve excellent outcomes. The staff will get to know each young person and their expectations and will have personalised plans that cover their placement, individual needs and education. The plans are developed with the young person, parents, carers and placing authorities.


Our CAMHS facility is an assessment and treatment unit for young people between the ages of 13-18 who are experiencing mental health difficulties. As a CAMHS Tier-4 service we offer young people under our care an outcomes driven service led by a strong multi-disciplinary team.


We endeavour to create an environment that is empathetic to the needs of children and young people with mental health issues; giving them the opportunity to experience a positive adolescence.


Each young person is supported to build their daily living skills, engage in the education or vocation of their choice, build positive relationships and understand boundaries. We work closely with parents and carers to ensure the needs of each young person are understood and fully met.


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