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Our Multi-disciplinary Team

Support Workers


Support workers are on duty all of the time. Their job is to provide support and assist the nursing team. The support worker is also there to supervise and assist with personal care needs and daily living skills. Each young person will be allocated two support workers as key workers that will spend time with and support them. Key workers will also accompany the young person to any meetings that need to be attended.




On admission each young person will be allocated a named nurse. All of our nurses are qualified in assisting people with mental health needs as well as physical health and will oversee all care. The named nurse will carry out nursing assessments, attend all meetings and ward rounds, complete all individual care plans and offer on-going guidance; this includes 1:1 both formally and informally. Nurses are on site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so are always on hand to assist with any needs that arise.


Occupational Therapist (OT)


The occupational therapist can offer 1:1 sessions or group work and can help manage difficulties such as anxiety through sensory strategies, developing skills in self-care, productivity and leisure activities. The OT will use different assessment tools to explore the young person's difficulties and find the best way to help. The occupational therapist assistant will help produce a therapy programme with a balance of productivity, leisure and self-care activities to provide structure to the week and assist in achieving goals. The occupational therapist also works with the nursing team and support workers to assist with strategies for managing personal hygiene and sleeping difficulties.


Occupational Therapist Assistant (OTA)


OTAs work alongside the therapy team, but mainly with the Occupational Therapist. They help create a personalised timetable and complete community and road safety assessments as well as running the therapy groups and organising community and leisure activities. They work the same shifts as the support workers so are a more prominent part of the therapy team. On admission, along with being allocated a named nurse and key worker, a young person will also be allocated an OTA.


Psychologist & Assistant Psychologist


Psychologists help the young person to understand their thoughts and feelings, and why they behave in certain ways. Sometimes people notice that they react to things in certain ways and the psychologist will help them understand why and learn how to change this. The Psychologist works alongside the Assistant Psychologist and will usually ask the young person to complete questionnaires and answer questions. It can be a difficult process and it takes a certain amount of commitment, but the outcome can be very rewarding.


Therapeutic Practitioners


Therapeutic Practitioners work alongside the therapy team, but mainly with the psychology team. They run the therapy groups and can also assist in attending 1:1 sessions. They work the same shifts as the support workers and OTA. On admission, a young person will also be allocated a Therapeutic Practitioner.


Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist


The doctor is here to help the young person understand their current difficulties and, if necessary, prescribe medication if they feel it may help. The doctor meets with the young person regularly to monitor feelings and assess their mental health. The Consultant has the lead responsibility for their care and treatment and is supported by other members of the team including nursing, psychology and occupational therapy. There is sometimes a Speciality Doctor working alongside the Consultant to assist with care and management.


Hospital Manager


The Hospital Manager is responsible for the overall running of the hospital. The Manager works with the Clinical Lead Nurse to ensure that the quality of care provided is up to standard. Young people, parents/carers can ask to see the manager at any time. They also assess and supervise the work of all staff to ensure high standards.


Social Worker


The Social Worker can offer advice and support during admission in relation to the young person's social care needs. They support with any legal matters, including arranging meetings with youth workers and any other organisations. They also help keep contact between family and support during the discharge process.


Clinical Lead Nurse


The Clinical Lead Nurse and the Hospital Manager are responsible for the quality of care provided during a young person's stay. The Clinical Lead Nurse oversees the nursing and support teams, assesses the young person's health and social needs and monitors the planning of ongoing treatment.


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Our team consists of:

✓ Consultant psychiatrist

✓ Assistant psychologists

✓ Specialty doctors in psychiatry

✓ Clinical and forensic psychologists

✓ Registered mental health nurses

✓ Nurses

✓ Occupational therapists

✓ Hospital managers

✓ Heads of care

✓ Coordinators

✓ Advocacy advisors

✓ Support workers