Child Sexual Exploitation

Our education packages are designed to build resilience, promotion of wellbeing and increase confidence within those we care for. 


At one of our Schools, a year 9 student is currently studying the award winning novel Stone Cold by Robert Swindells. This novel is about a homeless teenager called Link who leaves his hometown of Leeds and goes to London, trying to survive life on the streets. They were given a task to write a descriptive account of arriving in a big city. The aim of this particular lesson was use of the senses in descriptive writing. We want to share a piece of her work, aimed to provoke thought around 'empathy and understanding'.


 CSE Work


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CSE Child Profile

• Aged 16-25

• D/deaf or hearing loss

• Communication difficulties

• Associated complex needs

• Challenging behaviour

• Autism Spectrum Disorder, Asperger Syndrome or other diagnosed conditions

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