Complex Trauma Services

We recognise that our staff will require as much understanding as possible on the types of children we work with. Our children will come to us with a range of unique challenges and we ensure that our staff are trained and supported to offer the very best care to these children.


We typically engage in a 6 month cycle of training including DDP, PACE, Therapeutic Parenting, Risk Assessments, Reflective Practise and Play. The latter may sound strange, however it is important that our staff know how to interact in play as many of our children may have missed out on this important early years experience.


One of the key areas to us is our Therapeutic Parenting and our House Model of Parenting. We believe that this encompasses the whole journey for the child within our homes. We look at how children form attachments with adults around them and we support the adults to manage that attachment. We look at reflective practise and the clinical team provide support to the children and the adults that take care of them.


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