Complex Trauma Services

Our homes managers and key carers look after the child’s day to day needs both physically and emotionally.  As one of our key carers said “The role is not about ‘ticking boxes’, the role is about caring for and nurturing the children within the home environment.  We understand that it will be a traumatic time for a child being away from family and/or their usual surroundings, on top of the trauma they may have already experienced.


Being a key carer is about putting a smile on that child’s face first thing in the morning, ensuring that they feel safe in their environment, interacting in play and tucking them into bed at the end of the day.”


Our homes have a sense of family and within this it is natural that children and staff fall into general family roles.  The children themselves often form sibling type bonds within the home and it is very inspiring and rewarding to see them develop and progress with a sense of respect and self worth.


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