Complex Trauma Services

We have a multi-disciplinary team at Cambian which consists of many different practitioners who offer a wide range of skills, all of which are specifically designed to work with children who have experienced complex trauma.


What makes our team unique is that we offer both direct and indirect work.  We believe that every interaction with our children should be therapeutic in nature and all of our clinicians foster this approach.  We achieve this through direct training, reflective practise and working closely with the homes managers and wider team to look at each individual and how best to support their needs.  We further support the home by providing therapeutic skills to staff which help them in working with the children on a day to day basis.


Direct work is considered following an assessment in order to clarify the individual’s therapeutic needs.  We are aware that sometimes children do not cope well with direct work and we therefore look at more creative ways in which we can provide this therapeutic care.   As well as a Clinical Phycologists and mental health practitioners we offer therapy and life story work through our psychotherapists and this includes art and drama therapy.  Our therapists each posses unique skills,  which allow us to provide the relevant care of each child.


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