Residential Services

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Eversley House 

Eversley House offers high quality specialist mental health residental service in the community for females aged 16-25 with complex needs. We offer personalised assessment and intervention programmes to support the young people during their recovery process.


Our service focuses on preparing individuals to transition into the community by promoting independent living skills, community activities and choice. In addition to our residental care, we also offer planned respite services. Our team consists of an occupational therapist, an assistant psychologist, a registered manager, team leaders, key workers and support workers.


Young people that we care for may present with: mental health illness, learning disability, neurodevelopment disorders such as autism spectrum conditions, attachment disorder or ADHD; substance misuse that includes dual diagnosis where there is no evidence of addiction, combined with signs of the previous disorders.


This service is also designed as a 'step-down' service required by individuals before independence or are currently receiving a service for CAMHS or a local therapeutic service.


Young Person Profile

✓ Female, aged 16-25 years

✓ Mental health illness

✓ Learning disability

✓ Asperger Syndrome or Autism

✓ Attachment disorder

✓ Substance misuse

✓ A 'step-down' service before independence

✓ May receive a service from CAMHS