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Giving Children in our Care a Voice

Everyone has the right to a voice and we believe that it is important for all children to be able to communicate their thoughts and feelings freely and openly. For those in our care that struggle with speech or the ability to communicate, the inclusion of Smartbox's Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) devices allows us to support children with these difficulties to communicate as effectively as possible, in as many situations as possible.


We are so pleased to be part of the 100 Voices Project, an initiative that ensures Smartbox technology reaches adults and children within CareTech residential homes, specialist schools and complex needs services. At Hill House School, our children and young people have access to Smartbox AAC devices, allowing them to communicate with friends and family, control devices around them, browse the internet or access other programmes. Each child is assessed alongside our Speech & Language therapists to ensure that they receive the best AAC solutions for their individual needs.


Cambian are delighted to incorporate this innovative, communication aid to our education and care offering and see Smartbox's AAC devices rolled out across our services, giving many of our children the voice they may not have had before. 




Giving Children a Voice
Communication devices

With over 15 years experience in designing assistive technology, Smartbox's software has been designed to improve the lives of thousands of children with communication difficulties

Bespoke Devices

Every device is bespoke to each student’s needs and requirements, from eye gaze camera ability, simple letter, symbol and picture boards to switches and touchscreens

The Ability to Control their Environment
Helpful Links

The communication aids also allow children the opportunity to control devices around them, browsing the internet, use social media, order their own lunch and communicate with their friends and family

An Innovative New Project
An Innovative New Project

We aim to provide the best augmentative and assistive technology solution across our Children's Services, for those that require it, giving them the voice and the ability to live a more independent life

Talk Smart Newsletter

Here you'll find the latest copy of the termly 'Talk Smart' newsletter, where we'll share with you how Smartbox is supporting fifty of our young people to develop communication skills and our top tips for supporting AAC development:

Talk Smart Newsletter - April 2022

Kate Landells Testimonial Image

"Many of our children are non-verbal but have responded to a range of communication aids which shows us the potential voice that is there to be nurtured and listened to.

We believe strongly in choice being the number one thing we can give our children, whether this is what to have for lunch or what to wear that day.

However busy life is, we want to stop and listen to that voice. In the assessment process it was very clear to us that Smartbox is going to develop both the voices and choices of our children."

Kate Landells Principal, Hill House School

"Hill House School have recently been testing Smartbox’s Talk Pad technology to assist communication and have found it to be life-changing for many of our students. Joanna is 17, she has been with us for around 6 years and during that time has been unable to speak - using Smartbox she can to talk to us about how she’s feeling; when she’s happy or lonely, hungry or bored. She’s really found her voice and delights in having conversations — it’s a beautiful thing to be part of, and seeing this profound progress for young people gives me enormous job satisfaction."

Kirsty Marsden Head of Care

About Smartbox

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See Smartbox in action at Hill House School here.

Discover how the eye gaze camera support works here.

Find out how you can control your surroundings here.


Smartbox are the leading global provider of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) solutions that helps thousands of children who are non-verbal or have severe learning difficulties to communicate and live more independently. From simple letter or picture boards, to computer systems designed with touch access and eye tracking technology, Smartbox finds the best solution to support young people and their individual needs.