Cambian Dilston College

We understand that residential colleges can never replace home but we make every effort to create a welcoming, family environment where learners feel safe and comfortable.


Our accommodation provides the necessary step between leaving home and community living that most young adults take during their transition to adulthood.


Learners can live on the college campus, and as their confidence and independence grows, they are able to progress through the range of residential settings available.


At some point during their time at college, if appropriate, learners will have the opportunity to experience community living. This enables them to optimise their potential for moving on to supported living after college and develop practical living skills

On-site facilities include:

✓ ICT Suites

✓ Cafe

✓ Bakery

✓ Workshops for art, pottery & woodwork

✓ Outdoor classroom

✓ Horticultural & estates management

✓ Vocational learning kitchen