Cambian Dilston College

Supporting students to develop appropriate, meaningful understanding of the themes of democracy, individual liberty, rule of law and mutual respect.


Exploring themes such as: friendliness, courage, care, respect, aspiration, selflessness, forgiveness, kindness, equality, freedom and generosity. The British values form part of a Cambian Dilston college’s work to promote the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of children.


Work in College that connects to these values can help all students have a sense of belonging in Britain and develop understanding that while they can make choices in their lives they also have a sense of responsibility for others. This work can help students develop an understanding that the law is there to protect all and we all have to abide by the law. It will include a steady focus on helping students make connections to others, explore and understand diversity, similarities and difference, and promote and champion equality for all. It is integral to developing the culture and ethos of Cambian Dilston college. Working on values and understanding citizenship continues to form part of meaningful, engaging and appropriate education.


Tutors will encourage students to engage with these values and develop and demonstrate skills and attitudes that will allow them to participate fully in, and contribute positively to, life in modern Britain. This is all part of equipping students to be thoughtful, caring and active citizens in college and in wider society.


See below how we at Cambian Dilston College support and develop our students understanding of British Values and what events we have coming up this year:


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