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Jake's Story


Jake came to Cambian Dilston College with complex needs. He began his college course with aims of improving his communication which is mostly non-verbal and for him to be able to safely access the community.


Jake now seems to be a happy and enthusiastic young man who is thriving in his placement.


Jake now takes part in several safe off-site activities, such as trampolining, hydrotherapy and sensory sessions. He also uses the outside space at college and has visited the beach, supported by his staff.


Jake's ability to be around others and to communicate with them has greatly increased since coming to Dilston. His use of symbols has developed and he now makes choices using these. He thrives in the company of staff he knows well and spends much less time away from people than he did previously. Jake's capacity to let staff know what he wants has improved and he is developing firm relationships with staff in the team who work with him.



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"Since Jake have moved to Dilston, he has made great progress to now being able to enjoy a range of activities, with the support from staff, which he previously struggled with. The support he receives from staff is fantastic."

Jake's Mum

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