Specialist Education

At Grateley House School Art and Design is a fundamental part of pupil’s personal development, self-expression, ability to communicate with confidence, and attainment as they progress through their individual journey in this subject.


Aspects of Art and Design can infiltrate other subjects but prescribed Art and Design lesson time incorporates personal learning plans and targets that encompass formal learning as well as sensory and expressive features.


The National Curriculum is used to provide breadth of structure as well as scaffold a specialized program with high expectations and innovative lessons. In addition to sensory exploration being of high importance, expectations of individual ideas, expression, and mastery are consistently strived for. A wide scope of projects are delivered across KS3-KS5 exploring the work of a broad spectrum of artists from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. Protected characteristics are celebrated and present throughout the curriculum. Students are encouraged to implement their own ideas with support of the specialist Teacher. This is essential to the self-expressive side of the subject on which value is placed to promote engagement, learning and sensory enjoyment.


Art and Design projects are planned through a logical sequence of lessons. Students produce creative projects, exploring ideas, artist reference and response. Key vocabulary is used to present outcomes and reflections with students being given the tools to evaluate their own work and that of others.. Fundamental elements of art are introduced in Key Stage 3 and revisited continually at each stage of the students’ learning journey. Previous learning is recapped and students revisit techniques and practice to develop knowledge and understanding progressively. Through logical structure and sequencing learning can be embedded, retained, mastered and transferred.


Below in the Art and Design Curriculum Map techniques such as printmaking, sculpture, painting, drawing, photography and textiles make up a varied and exciting curriculum aimed to accessible for all and meet all students’ needs. Research and reading skills are developed and numeracy, literacy and ICT is embedded throughout every lesson in line with student ability. Inclusive measures are in place to ensure every lesson can be accessed by every student. EHCP targets are incorporated into each session and personal development opportunities present themselves at each Key Stage. The Art Department provides activities alongside the more formal creative practice in order to enrich the curriculum and enhance individuals interest, awareness and understanding of the wider world. This includes enterprise projects, fundraising and the inclusion of SMSC embedded throughout the curriculum.

The impact of the creative arts curriculum aims to provide students at Grateley House School with strategies, skills, knowledge and understanding to support with their development to becoming life long creative learners, prepared for adulthood and for their futures to involve active participation in society.