Specialist Education

At Grateley House School we develop our students to be highly literate and numerate; Maths is naturally embedded in Food Technology. The curriculum is designed to develop confident learners who can communicate their likes and dislikes, but who also can take the opportunity to experience new tastes. Students develop their resilience and independence in food tech as they gain confidence and skills needed to be able to feed themselves and others.


SMSC underpins students’ experiences in food tech where they are given the opportunity to understand the world around them and have empathy for others including those from different religions, cultures and the foods associated with these. British Values are an intrinsic part of the food tech curriculum with students being given opportunities to experience traditional British fare. They learn how to keep themselves healthy and safe whilst cooking and develop a sense of fun and humour so that they are able to fully enjoy food experiences.


The curriculum content at GHS has been mapped against the National Curriculum and incorporates the principles laid out in a number of national frameworks that have been developed to support food teaching and learning, which ensures full coverage in line with national requirements.

As part of their work with food, students are taught how to cook and apply the principles of nutrition and healthy eating; instilling a love of cooking that will open the door to one of the great expressions of human creativity. Learning how to cook being a crucial life skill that enables students to feed themselves and others affordably and well, now and in later life. Practical activities require students to plan their time and select appropriate resources to produce a range of savoury and sweet products, increasing in complexity as they progress through KS3. Consideration is given to students’ individual needs and preferences, and practical lessons aim to support students to explore a varied range of produce and cuisines, thus encouraging new experiences.