Specialist Education

At Grateley House School Physical Education develops pupils’ physical competence and confidence and their ability to use these to perform in a range of activities. It promotes personal development, physical development and knowledge of the body in action. Physical Education provides opportunities for pupils to be competitive, collaborative and good effective communicators in both individual and team sports and activities.  The curriculum at Grateley House School aims to achieve confident, resilient young people who develop a range of transferable, lifelong skills.


The Physical Education Curriculum at Grateley House School is designed to be developmental, progressive, challenging and supportive at each key stage. It uses the Physical Education National Curriculum as a framework to ensure an extensive structure, although planning is adapted to meet the special educational needs of our students. A sequential curriculum supports students to develop skills based on prior knowledge.


Physical Education is a key vehicle in promoting positive attitudes toward healthy and active lifestyles and aims to help foster lifelong physical activity.

Learners benefit from broad and balanced curriculum that gives students the opportunity to experience a wide range of activities and work independently and as part of a team to develop physical and inter personal skills successfully.


The curriculum allows for competition and / or enjoyment depending on the ability of the students. Our curriculum focuses on the skills needed to develop key movement and motor skills through to meeting the demand of physical activities and developing tactics and technique a like. Every child should experience an enjoyable, exciting and engaging curriculum based on a range of individual and team activities which teaches the importance of 'fair play' and the place of PE in a healthy active lifestyle.


By developing a range of skills in a wide variety of different activities this allows a student to recognise their strengths and weaknesses. Educating students about how the body responds to exercise and why PE is pivotal to a healthy lifestyle.


We are preparing youngsters for their future communities and developing an awareness of growing levels of inactivity and the means to combat this. We do this by providing them with the skills and a pathway for pursuing physical activity.


The variety of activities offered both on site and off site will give the students the awareness and experience of using the facilities and opportunities in their local community.


Our Curriculum is designed to be inclusive, fully incorporating pupils’ EHCPs into every lesson and meeting the needs of learners with autism. A wide range of personal development activities are offered by the P.E. Department and help to enrich the personal development of all our pupils.


Students are encouraged to reflect not only on their own performance but also that of their fellow students through regular peer coaching/assessment. Furthermore they learn how to compete fairly and the importance of etiquette in sport.


The impact of our curriculum aims to provide pupils at Grateley House School with the strategies in which they can become lifelong learners who are well prepared for adulthood and able to actively participate in sport and exercise.