Specialist Education

At Grateley House School the study of Science is an exciting subject, which aims to fire students’ curiosity about phenomena in the world around them and develop their enthusiasm for learning, whilst also offering opportunities for personal development including analytical thinking skills, communication skills and self-confidence.


Our Science Curriculum is designed to be ambitious and to promote the highest possible levels of individual achievement – ‘everyone has a personal best’ and ‘can achieve something special’.  We recognise autism and the range of associated complex learning difficulties that can act as a barrier to student learning and we address the individual’s needs as identified in their EHCPs, while our teaching also incorporates their special interests as an additional means of encouragement and motivation. The Science curriculum therefore plays an essential role in preparing our students for life in the wider community and in preparing them to participate meaningfully in society.


Grateley House School follows the framework of the National Curriculum, so it is broad and balanced, but also adapted to the needs of the individual. Learning is carefully planned and structured in a logical sequence building on prior knowledge and the fundamental ‘big ideas’, incorporating regular opportunities for recap and overlearning, so that the key principles and key science vocabulary become embedded in students’ long term memories. By providing a rich and stimulating scientific learning experience students are encouraged to question why something happens in the way it does and to develop their problem solving skills learning through exploration, observation and investigation which helps their understanding of how science is related to daily life and the world around them.


Science learning offers opportunities for students to develop their social and communication skills enabling them to discuss their ideas and findings, develop an argument based on evidence and present their case using appropriate scientific language. Mathematics is embedded in the science curriculum, providing many opportunities for students to collect and analyse data and carry out numerical computation, therefore transferring skills. In addition to these key skills, Science learning addresses many issues arising through a consideration of SMSC and British Values, and by promoting respect and diversity, students develop their self-awareness, attitudes and values which they need to be successful in their future lives.

The impact of the Science curriculum at Grateley House School is to provide students with skills and strategies for problem solving, evaluating evidence and making logical decisions, the foundations they need for adulthood living in an increasingly scientific and technological world.