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Covid-19 Update - September 2020: With the new academic year starting this September, our schools and colleges are open and we will support our students following the latest Government guidance.  We look forward to welcoming all our students back to school, we will support the needs of each student individually and ensure that we achieve full school attendance as timely as we are able.


We are grateful for the continued support from families and carers at this time through what has been an extraordinary challenging time for everyone.


Cambian Potterspury Lodge School

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Towcester, Northamptonshire, NN12 7LL

Phone: 01908 542912

Potterspury Lodge


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Cambian Potterspury Lodge School is a 38-week residential school for young people aged 8-18 who have a diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome, challenging behaviour and complex needs.


Staff work alongside students within an accepting environment geared towards allowing young people with Asperger Syndrome to accept themselves, tolerate others, to have confidence, and experience success as they begin to become successful citizens. Staff are chose for vitality and enthusiasm as well as for qualifications and experience. We are all there to support students to achieve their personal best.


Students have access to a broad and balanced curriculum which extends throughout the waking day. A significant part of the learning process is catering for in after-school, structured activites. We aim to teach self-management through the provision of a range of strategies that allow students to develop their strengths and manage their difficulties successfully.


Tailored curriculum to meet students individual needs


Individualised plans are designed to meet students' specific needs, and these plans form the basis of the four-way partnership between the student, school, family and Local Authority. The curriculum is tailored to individual needs and it is supported by Individual Education Plans (IEPs). These plans allow each student to have access to a challenging, broad, relevant and differentiated curriculum that is designed to be Asperger Syndrome friendly.


Our consistent approach provides an atmosphere of predictability and security in which students are able to work, learn and and enjoy their learning and leisure time.


Student Profile

May have one or more of the following:


•  Mixed gender, ages 8-18

•  Primary diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome

•  Complex needs

•  Challenging behaviour

•  Often multiple exclusions

•  History of placement breakdowns

•  Previous admission to a CAMHS inpatient unit

•  Difficulties such as dyslexia and dyspraxia

•  Has an Education, Health and Care Plan

Our dedicated team include:

✓ Specialist teachers

✓ Teaching assistants

✓ Residential staff

✓ Key worker

✓ Speech and language therapists

✓ Clinical psychologists

✓ Consultant psychiatrist

✓ Occupational therapists