New Elizabethan School

We have a flexible approach to learning, personalising the curriculum and teaching groups to meet students' individual learning needs and abilities.


Cambian New Elizabethan offers a diverse, active and highly structured curriculum within an environment that is calm, consistent and purposeful. We aim to ensure that all areas of need from the individuals Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) are well provided for.


We educate students through a thematic and experiental approach to learning, as an extension of the National Curriculum, on which our own curriculum is based. We provide personalised learning programmes with a curriculum that has an inherent flexibility to ensure that the needs of individual students are met.  We encourage students to take part in offsite activities such as trips and visits.  We also offer a residential trip to students to enhance their social skills and encourage teamwork and collaboration.


In addition to our enriching curriculum we also aim to meet the therapeutic needs of the young people in our care.  These can be addressed with individual sessions, small group sessions and by meeting the communications, psychological, sensory and mental health needs of each individual by ensuring our teaching staff understand the best environment and strategies in which to assist the learning of every young person in our care. This is done via direct or indirect work from our highly trained and specialist therapeutic staff.  The therapy team are very much part of the school and are integral to our success.




There are three key routes available for post-16 students at Cambian New Elizabethan School:


✓ Progress to a college of further education on a full-time basis while remaining at Cambian New Elizabethan School to study other subjects


✓ Progress to a college of further education on a part-time basis while remaining at Cambian New Elizabethan School to study other subjects


✓ Remain at the School on a full-time basis until the end of their studies


Whatever the appropriate route for each student, we are able to provide the right level of support to ensure success.  Our current focus in Post-16 is a drive to ensure students have a blend of academic success coupled with essential life skills to equip them for the next phase in their journey beyond our school.  We are skilled at supporting our learners to thier next destination after a successful time at Cambian New Elizabethan School.


Subjects include:

✓ English

✓ Maths

✓ Science

✓ Computing

✓ Geography

✓ History

✓ Religious Studies

✓ Art

✓ Design Technology

✓ Drama

✓ Music

✓ Physical Education