New Elizabethan School

Cambian New Elizabethan School has been built and designed based on many years' experience of providing highly successful specialist education services.


The environment at the school is structured, stable and secure, with well-planned timetables and routines aimed at reducing anxiety and confusion, whilst supporting decision making and awareness of potential risks and dangers.


The School offers a range of well equipped classroom facilities, designed to meet the needs of the students across the age of seven to nineteen years. Each group of up to six individuals is based in its own classroom and accesses the school's practical skills areas such as art, design technology, science, food technology, music, drama and sport.


We are delighted to have an upgraded ICT suite which has benefited the students immensely; in addition we have internet access in all rooms, together with interactive boards and screens in all main teaching rooms.


We recognise that not all of our students are natural academics; however all have the potential to flourish, given the right support, curriculum and encouragment. So our students have a variety of choice and learning opportunities we have developed our own provision on site, including a post-16 suite and vocational learning, including construction.


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For our younger students, there is a dedicated primary teaching area and play areas outdoors. All primary students have access to the specialist teaching rooms as well as opportunities to be part of the whole school during assemblies and whole school events.