Purbeck View School

Curriculum and Achievements

Purbeck View School offers every young person is given the opportunity to learn, whether that learning takes place in the class room, or is life-skill and community based.


Our curriculum supports our young people at whatever skill level they require, and follows their individualised progress. The young people take part in educational activities off site, such as learning vocational skills on a farm.  


Post-16 education for our young people is arranged in partnership with local colleges. All young people are offered opportunities to develop work related learning skills or where appropriate attend work experience placements. Certificates and examinations are also available where appropriate and meaningful for the young person.



Purbeck View School Environment

Purbeck View School is fortunate to be in a unique position in the beautiful coastal town of Swanage, Dorset. We have access to the beach, local amenities and rolling countryside, not to mention the local attractions.


Our young people access the community and use their life skills around the town. They support the local community by volunteering in shops or restaurants.


Life Opportunities and Events

We provide opportunities to access the community, to access therapy,to improve quality of life.


Purbeck View School is set in the beautiful rolling Purbeck Hills, and is part of the wider Swanage community.


Our young people access the community on a regular basis as part of a learning activity. They particularly enjoy the close proximity of the beach!


Education focuses intently on life outcomes. Typical learning experiences include a visit to the town supermarket, to buy groceries for a class cooking project, or a walk to the library to do research.



Purbeck View School pays particular attention to the emotional and physical health of the young people in our care. We have a School nurse on site to attend to any medical needs, and a dedicated PE Lead, who ensures that the young people receive enjoyable exercise on a daily basis. Our onsite service includes a therapy team, made up of Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Psychology and Psychiatric Support.


Where the young people need specialist care or advice, the school works in partnership with consulting medical practitioners, such as dieticians, or auditory practitioners. These specialists work closely with the young people and advise teaching and care staff about individualised strategies and interventions.


The School works in partnership with our consultant Music Therapist, providing opportunities to develop communication and social interaction skills and mental well being. The Therapy Team creates specialist and bespoke intervention programmes which education teams deliver throughout the day to address sensory, physical and communication needs.


All our Care Staff receive regular training around safe medication handling and administration.



Events at Purbeck View School


Events take place across the year at Purbeck View School, celebrating a range of special occasions, cultures and faiths. We hold many family events throughout the year that are open to parents, carers and families of the young people in our care to join in, especially to our annual Celebration of Achievement, held at the end of the Summer Term. Some of our events such as school disco’s, held on site are open to our friends in the local community, such as the local Gateway club, which acts as an opportunity to socialise with peers outside of Purbeck View.


Purbeck View encourages students to attend events in the community, such as the Swanage Carnival, or Purbeck Arts Week. We have enjoyed the opportunity to present at the recent Parish Assembly; sharing a little more of the work we do with our very special young people. The young people at Purbeck View recently enjoyed the chance to make an art installation with a local artist whom attended the school during Purbeck Arts Week. Everyone enjoyed the sensory story day. The storyteller involved all the young people in a brilliant multi sensory experience with a whole variety of props and activities.


Qualifications we offer include:


✓ Entry Level

✓ Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

✓ ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence)

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The school is close to the town centre and students can take advantage of being close to the community.

Areas for supportive learning include:

✓ Large sports hall

✓ Sensory room

✓ Therapy suite

✓ Library

✓ ICT suite

✓ Playground

✓ Sports field

✓ Selection of bicycles

✓ Trampoline

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