Spring Hill School

We have a flexible approach to learning, personalising the curriculum and teaching groups to meet students' individual learning needs and abilities.


At Cambian Spring Hill School we aim to provide consistent, diverse, enjoyable and structured learning opportunities through a broad curriculum.


We understand that not all young people with Autism Spectrum Disorder will learn new skills at the same pace so our curriculum caters for learners with a wide range of needs.


We believe that learners are entitled to a curriculum that is balanced and relevant.


Curriculum, Intent & Vision


All of our learners have a primary diagnosis of ASD and are happiest and achieve most when their routine is clear and when their learning opportunities build on their particular skills and talents.  To this end, we tailor the curriculum to help pupils make progress in a way that best suits them.  We want all learners at Spring Hill School to become confident in their abilities and recognise their own worth and potential, therefore we support and encourage them to work as independently as possible through offering opportunities to develop their knowledge and understanding through real-life settings/experiences.  Because many of our children and young people are not able to access the full extent of the National Curriculum, we ensure that we are consistently compliant with regards to the expectations of those standards as set out in the Education Independent School Standards Regulations 2014.  To that end:


✓  Our curriculum is designed to meet the specific needs of children and young people with primary diagnosis of autism, whilst also providing a broad, balanced and inclusive educational experience for all;


✓  Our curriculum is exciting and engaging because subjects are taught through a context that is made meaningful to the individual; this level of personalisation secures relevance and meets the interests of the student whilst catering for their identified area of need: Cognition and Learning, Communication or Physical and Sensory and, in some cases, SEMH;


✓  Learning is focused on the individual to ensure their holistic education is addressed to develop independence and skills that will build confidence and self-esteem to maximise potential and to achieve long term aspirations as appropriate. 


✓  Learning experiences and enrichment activities prepare individuals for real life, and opportunities to learn outside a formal classroom setting are widely promoted;


✓  All learners experience a core offer of English, maths, science and PSHCE and from Y9 onwards, individual 1:1 Independent Careers Education, Guidance and Advice is available on a weekly basis.  Every learner has opportunities to access Creative and Therapeutic Arts (Music, Art, Cooking) and PE and the development of human and social skills are promoted through a rich Outdoor and Adventurous Activities programme which are a fundamental part of the syllabus across the Key Stages;


✓  Learners are encouraged to develop their social interactions through whole school themed events which are planned to promote mutual respect and tolerance and which support a greater understanding of the environment and encourage learners’ sense of awe and wonder;  


✓  Each learner is supported via an appropriate accreditation pathway whether that be through entry-level learning to GCSE and above; for those who have a particular academic talent, we will look to commission bespoke tutoring.  Depending on capacity, learners follow a formal or semi-formal learning pathway;


✓  Thematic topics are introduced each term which link learning across the curriculum; these conclude with a celebratory ‘Student Showcase’ events where parents/carers and family members are invited in to school to see how well their child has done, meet with the staff team and network with other members of the school community;


✓  Access to Occupational and Speech and Language Therapy will be available to all


✓  During Key Stage and throughout Post 16, students are encouraged and supported to engage in work experience and other vocational learning opportunities.  Transition to college, training or into the world of work is carefully planned to secure retention and support each individual through the next phase of their life.


Spring Hill School Environment


Cambian Spring Hill School is set in 30 acres of spacious land surrounded by farmland and Ripon City Golf Club. The school is located close to Ripon City centre and students can take advantage of opportunities and resources in the local community.


We have a range of accommodation including small houses, a range of smaller flats, and larger homes. Each home benefits from communal lounges, dining rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms (some with en-suite facilities) to meet individual personal care needs.

Qualifications we offer include:


✓ Pearson BTECs

✓ Functional Skills Level 1 & 2

✓ Ascentis Entry Level Awards (Stepping Stones)

✓ LIBF LiFE Certificates

✓ AQA Unit Award Scheme

✓ Various Short Courses

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We want all learners at Spring Hill School to become confident in their abilities and recognise their own worth and potential, therefore we support and encourage them to work as independently as possible