Cambian Home Tree School

When we first met Brad*


Brad was a patient at the Willows Hospital Unit and the school provided outreach lessons for him. He was very timid and would only speak when addressed but was polite and cooperative.


Our preference is always to work with parents/carers and the placing authorities where a placement has broken down. In circumstances in which the placement can no longer meet the need, we aim to work with all parties to support transition to another placement. If a student is given a fixed term exclusion, work will be provided where possible for them to complete in the home during their absence from school. Brad had missed a lot of education and was very gloomy about his academic potential which made him uneasy about school. Brad has a diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder including social communication and social interaction difficulties. He also has difficulties with his mental health, emotional regulation, self-esteem, self-care and independence. Brad was also diagnosed with Type II diabetes.


Brad’s individual education plan


An individual learning plan was developed for Brad that was informed by his EHCP; this focused on differentiated curriculum planning, delivery and outcomes for him. Staff monitored his personalised targets and ensured that his learning environment was calm and free from distractions. Brad was given 1:1 numeracy support to help him with his clock reading and timetables. He also had literacy support to improve his handwriting skills. Brad’s personalised timetable allowed him to work in a small dedicated group for core subjects but also allowed for personalisation and choice.


The school also promoted his emotional and social development through Tutorial sessions, Preparation for Working Life, Personal Social and Health Education and through trips, activities and school outings.


We offered Brad lots of praise and compliments on a daily basis and worked closely with Meeko House to encourage good personal hygiene and healthy living skills.


During the year Brad spent at Home Tree School, he developed a very positive attitude to learning and all aspects of school life. This resulted in good progress across the curriculum due to his consistent hard work, effort and attendance. Brad achieved Level 1 & 2 Functional Skills Maths English & ICT qualifications and other C-G passes in GCSEs. Despite Brad’s health difficulties, he had learnt to better manage his emotions and his self-esteem and confidence had improved significantly. He was voted Head of Student Voice as well as Prom King. Brad also developed good social skills and was able to engage and interact with adults and peers without difficulty. He was able to feel included and valued and was able to develop and maintain friendships with his peers. Brad also became more independent at addressing his self-care needs and came to school looking very smart.


What the future is like for Brad

Brad is moving on to study a Level 2 Health and Social Course at College and will undoubtedly embark on the career path of his choice. He will no doubt continue to improve his successes.


*Name has been changed to protect identity. Photo for illustrative purposes only.