Cambian Northampton School

Young people have the opportunity to develop to their full potential in preparation of their future life where there is a passion for learning and mutual respect for all.


Education at Northampton School is designed to enable pupils, individually and collectively, to take control of their lives.  Each pupil has an entitlement to study the National Curriculum, modified as necessary to suit their individual needs and in line with the requirements set out in their statement of Special Education or EHCP.

The school's curriculum is broad and balanced, and includes, where appropriate, all of the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum. There is a particular emphasis on core subjects and on personal skills, as to address any significant gaps in previous learning.


Curriculum Ethos and Aims

  • To be a place of learning, where all pupils are encouraged to become independent and effective learners in their own right, in order to realise their full potential.
  • Emphasize the importance of language, number, aesthetic, physcial and social areas of learning and the associated competency in them.
  • Ensure that all pupils have the opportunity to follow the National Curriculum with individually designed programmes as appropriate.
  • Provide continuity and progression from the point of transfer to the time of leaving school.
  • Help pupils develop personal, spiritual and moral values, to grow in social and personal maturity and to promote tolerance, sensitivity and mutual respect in personal relationships.
  • To be a school which celebrates achievement, encourages initiatives, develop responsibility and foster pride in the school, its environment and its community.

We actively promote opportunities to broaden student's experiences through a wide variety of educational visits and we work with other agencies to deliver projects both on and off the school site. We encourage students to make a positive contribution to society in many ways, including involving them in community and charity events throughout the school year.


Initial Assessments

All young people who attend Northampton School will be asked to sit a litercy and numeracy test using Pearson's Steps baseline assessment as an initial screening tool.  Information will also be gathered from their previous educational provider.

Subject staff for English, Maths and Science will after an initial assessment period provide the pupil with an assessment level.  These leves currencly consist of steps from 1-9 that run alongside the Pearson's programme, these are age related targets.  Students work on a pathway plan and gain certificates on a termly basis that work towards their final qualifications.


Awards and Qualifications

Pupils will study a range of subjects with a strong emphasis on a relevant and personalised curriculum.  Pupils, depending on thier ability will have the opportunity to gain recognisable qualifications and awards at:

  • GCSE 9-1
  • Functional Skills
  • Entry Level
  • Accredited Unit Awards


We also offer vocational placements to all students and they will have the opportunity to receive staff support as required, including college. In some cases, there may be the opportunity for students to begin working independently at placements. However, this must be risk assessed and pre-planned with the final decision made by the school.


Qualifications we offer include:


✓ Functional Skills

✓ Entry Level

✓ Accredited Unit Awards

✓ ASDAN Level 1 + Level 2 Qualifications

✓ ASDAN Bronze/Silver/Gold

✓ ASDAN short courses

✓ The Art Award

✓ Sports Leaders qualifications

✓ Vocational courses such as Animal care and mechanics (others are available)

✓ Horse therapy accreditation courses

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