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Meet the New Principal, Steven Ince


Meet the Principal: Steven Ince, Brook View School

Get to know Steven, the new Principal Cambian Brook View School, as he shares his insights and exciting vision for the future.

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What made you excited about joining our school as the Principal?

"For me, it was the excitement of being part of establishing a new direction for the service and being able to influence how that will look. I like that there are two services working together on site, influencing education and care to meet the needs of the children."


Can you share some of your favourite things about the school so far?

"The location in a rural setting is wonderful. We have 20 acres of land with the potential to grow. I love the opportunities it provides, such as delivering parts of the curriculum outside, like forest school and horticulture. But what truly stands out is the people. Everyone is passionate, keen to learn, and wants to make a difference."


How do you plan to get to know our staff, students, and parents?

"I visited the site prior to taking up the post to introduce myself. It's important that parents know who I am and can access me. I want to actively involve our parents, shape Brook View's future together, and establish a parent's forum as the site grows.

Heads of service delivering care will also actively involve parents, and we'll make use of an app to share activities and progress with families, providing them with regular updates."


What ideas do you have to make our school even better and attract more students?

"I believe in working with other professionals and involving the community. Let's Grow Preston is a gardening volunteering initiative that we utilise and that I want to develop. I want to see the site busy and children laughing, utilising community resources to give our children the best opportunities."


How will you make sure our students feel safe and supported during their time in our residential programme?

"We have a very robust safeguarding procedure, and it's essential that all staff understand their role in keeping our children safe. Education on life skills and transparently reflecting and consistently improving are my priorities. Working with Local Authorities, internal governance, parents, and regulators helps us achieve this."


How will you celebrate and promote inclusion at Brook View?

"I believe in giving both children and staff opportunities for learning new skills and upskilling. We need a bespoke and adaptable approach to meet every child's needs and celebrate our differences."


How do you plan to connect with local authorities, organisations, and our governing bodies?

"I aim to work with other authorities and health professionals to build this service around the needs of children. Making it adaptable and showcasing its uniqueness to create fruitful partnerships."


How will you support the professional growth and development of your staff teams?

"I will provide opportunities for upskilling, regular CPD for all staff, and access to specialised training in areas such as intensive interaction, autism training, and communication training. We will incorporate ACC training for Smartbox assistive tech."


What are you looking forward to most in your new role and for the future of Brook View?

"I look forward to going on this positive journey with our young people, families, and staff, fostering a collaborative work culture where teamwork is key.

I believe in not trying to tackle everything alone. Utilising resources, specialists, and working closely with heads of education and care managers, we will tackle any obstacles as a team.

I'm very excited for the future of Brook View, for both children and the staff. With the right approaches and determination, I look forward to seeing the service develop under my leadership."