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Cambian Hereford School get creative with GCSE Film Studies

Cambian Hereford School get creative with GCSE Film Studies image

Cambian Hereford School are delighted to have introduced a new GCSE Film Studies to the range of qualifications which we offer. 


We worked with a film production company to kick-start the GCSE course and the young people engaged in sessions to learn the rudiments of film production. 


Over the course of three weeks the students had the opportunity to use filming equipment including lenses, tripods, camera and boom. They shot their own film sequences and were taught how to use editing software to produce effects, titles and a soundtrack for their horror films. The students were very proud to showcase these to the staff and their peers.


The young people were shown how to use “green screen” and were able to film a piece about Ed Sheeran whilst appearing to be standing in front of him. They also discussed the importance of presenting themselves well. The workshops concluded with the young people experimenting with the exacting task of animation.


The sessions were very well received and the students gained a range of skills on which they can build for when they make their own film that is a requirement of the GCSE Film Studies course.


Technical language, film reviews, film posters  and analysing film, which includes; camera angles, dialogue, mise-en-scene, has been our starting point this half-term, with the Year 9 students examining Rabbit Proof Fence and the Year 10 pupils looking at the Superhero genre.


This has been a very positive start to the course and the school is excited to be working on its development.