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Cambian Home Tree School take part in Red Nose Day 2017

Cambian Home Tree School take part in Red Nose Day 2017 image

Cambian Home Tree School was a hive of industry on Friday as our young people and staff rallied together to set up an amazing Red Nose Day.


Many of the young people had been producing a great selection of delicious goodies during the week in their Food Tech lessons, including snooty’s wraps, chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, chocolate rice crispy cakes, vegan Cookies and fudge ready for sale.


There was a magnificent chocolate malteser and chocolate finger cake made by our wonderful Food Tech Teacher and assisted by a young person that was raffled. Eventually, one of our young people won this.


Stunning art work has been created this term at Home Tree School and at Willows which were turned into greeting cards and sold; and many more were ordered.


We even had one young person being a henna artist for the day, who sold her skills, decorated staff, and young people beautifully.


Then for a grand finale, some of our adventurous young people showed some of their hidden talents. Performing solos in guitar, flute, singing and dancing. Even some teachers got involved with the dancing and singing, some being rather more tuneful than others!


The atmosphere was lively and happy, resulting in a total of over £80, which is steadily rising with the popularity of the greeting cards on order.


What a fantastic day with our amazing young people and staff team at Home Tree School.