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Children in Need 2019 at Scarborough School


Cambian Scarborough School is taking part in fundraising for Children In Need this year.




On Monday 7th October the children and staff took part in a sponsored walk to raise money for this worthwhile cause. Children came to school wearing suitable clothing and shoes for walking, with a warm coat, hat, scarf and gloves.


The children walked around Goathland where they saw the steam train go past. The whole group worked as a team to read their map and navigate to their destination.


Part of the way around the walk they had to cross a shallow and fast flowing stream, some of the children took place on a rock to help the others cross, whilst giggling and trying not to lose their balance as everyone made their way across the stream. Thankfully they all made it to the other side with dry feet!


Half way round the walk everyone stopped for a picnic, all the children were happy despite the weather being rainy and cold 

and later team spirit was high whilst encouraging each other to keep going up and down the big hills.


One of our students designed a sponsorship form and family and friends were asked if they would like to sponsor their child. So far we’ve raised £20 and we are still collecting!




On Friday 15th November, which is the official day for Children In Need, children can choose to come to school wearing anything yellow or spotty.


Children will be taking part in various themed activities and tasks and the aim for the day will be to raise awareness of the Children In Need charity and how the charity spends the money we raise to help others in need.