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Come Dine With Me!


Some of our Grateley House Students have taken part in a 'Come Dine With Me' project after school. Having been influenced by the famous television program.

The project involved students working in pairs to plan, prepare and host a dinner party for another pair of students and our two members of staff, Zara and Bex.


Students Cookingjpg 2


The aim of the group was to support the students in developing their independence and social skills, as well as having some fun!


Those who were invited to take part accepted the invitation and were more than up for the challenge, each hoping to be crowned champions and take home the £10 prize money!

At the end of each meal the guests scored the evening based on the overall experience, while the hosts tackled the mountains of washing up. Guests were treated to meals such as taco wraps (both veggie and meat versions), crisps and dips, carrot cake and much more!

The competition ended with a celebratory evening, with Zara, Bex and the students combining efforts to cook the final meal.

Their VIP guest, Eva, was in attendance to award the coveted prize money and bring the competition to a close.

Throughout the term, the students have demonstrated resilience and overcome unexpected challenges. Zara and Bex enjoyed working with the students, and hope to run the project again in the coming year.



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