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Cultural Day: Japan


At Devon School we have a termly cultural day, this term it was Japan. Our cultural days helps us build tolerance, curiosity and respect for others. The more our students are aware of other cultures, the more able they will be to recognise the beauty of diversity!


It was our most successful cultural day to date with all students voicing how much they enjoyed all of the activities. Students worked in teams to complete our interactive quiz about japan, this involved learning some cultural trivia, tasting food and drink from the region and learning about different Japanese music styles.


Students then all worked collaboratively in Art to create beautiful blossom tree paintings which are now displayed around the school. We then went spent time with a local martial arts instructor learning some of the key principles in martial arts.


The highlight of the day for most of the students however, was the sumo suits which students had a go in after learning about the national sport and its history.