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Trip to Bournemouth Oceanarium


Trip to Bournemouth Oceanarium

Young people from HHS enjoyed a trip to the Oceanarium as part of their thematic learning programme.


The trip provided the perfect opportunity to work on individual education targets, communication skills, independence, self – regulation skills and discovery.


The trip also linked to our whole school 'One Planet Living' initiative.


Oceanarium 1


Oceanarium 2


Communication and Interaction


Young people used their Talk Pad device to identify the different marine life and to communicate their feelings about what they could see.


Oceanarium 5 Oceanarium 6


Exploration and Discovery

The Oceanarium enabled young people to see first hand the wonders of marine life and provided a stimulating and sensory rich experience.

This immersive experience sparked curiosity and prompted young people to want to explore and discover.


Oceanarium 7    Oceanarium 8


Increasing Independence, resilience and self – regulation

Young people were able to exercise their autonomy and self – control during the visit. They were able to use their Talk Pad to independently communicate their needs and interests.


Unfamiliar situations can be overwhelming for our young people, however the visit encouraged them to step out of their comfort zones and put into practise the strategies they have learnt to be able to self – regulate, using the Zones of Regulation and `clever actions` This is a skill that will be so valuable in their future life and will enable them to continue to be able to visit a whole range of new and exciting places.


Oceanarium 11