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Key Stage 2 Get Creative in Core Subjects!


Key stage 2 students continued to develop their understanding across a wide range of subject and topic areas last term and what a blast they had! We focused on key subjects and time eras in English, Mathematics, History and Science, with our students creating some incredible work throughout the term.


KS2 Work


In English, we have been looking at Myths and Legends focusing our lessons around the story 'Romulus and Remus the founders of Rome'. Through looking at this story we have been able to complete poems, recounts and character analysis which the students really enjoyed. Below is a wonderful poem written by one of our student's after learning about 'Romulus and Remus the founders of Rome'


English Work By Student


We have also been focussing on Multiplication and Division & Measurement and Area in Mathematics. As well as learning or recapping the basic strategies, we have also been applying these concepts to “Real-Life Situations”.


As part of our Topic curriculum, we have been looking at “Crime and Punishment”’ in History. We covered the justice systems through history, looking at both crimes committed and punishments implemented during the Roman, Anglo-Saxon, Tudor and Victorian Eras. We also found out about “Dick Turpin” and researched other famous highway men. Students were surprised by some of the harsh punishments recieved for petty crimes and engaged really well, creating some fantastic work - which you can see below. 


Crime And Punishment Workbook


During Science lessons, we have investigated states of matter, discovering how and what matter is comprised of, and how some materials can actually change from one state to another!


A huge 'Well done' to all of our Key Stage 2 for their engagement and focus this term and for the marvellous work they have created.